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Mental Health and Functional Nutrition
7 Key Nutrient Deficiencies Linked to Mental Health Issuesby Dr. Josh Friedman   -    Listen to his appearance on Dr.[...]
Intuition – Ignite Your Life!
Intuition:  The Spark that Ignites an Amazing LifeGuest Blog by Joanna Rogister, Hom, RHN, BA Intuition already plays a large[...]
5 Essential Steps on How to Get Well
The 5 Essential Steps on How to Get WellIt is very likely that you  never experienced optimal health.You may be[...]
DocChristines Medicine Cabinet Essentials – What you absolutely need to feel better fast
DocChristine's Medicine Cabinet EssentialsMany of you will have a few medications or supplements to go to when they feel "off"[...]
5 Steps from Upset to Calm
Bad News?  Anxiety?Want to Rip Out Your Hair?How to Get From  Upset to Calm in 5 Steps ​(with FREE Worksheet!)Last week[...]
Four Steps to Overcome Binge Eating
One of the biggest challenges preventing people from overcoming binge eating is not knowing where to start. Is the answer[...]
Cold or Flu – What to Do!
How to Prevent - or Beat - a Common Cold and Stay WellThe Flu season is here, and so many people[...]
Top 3 Reasons for Fatigue
The Top 3 Reasons You May be Tired All the Time One common issue my clients tell me about is[...]
The Warning Signs Of Stress And What To Do About It
STRESS:  The Warning Signs and 10 Ways to Reduce itStress is your body’s natural reaction to any kind of demand[...]
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – Worries and Regret (Part 6)
Seasonal Affective Disorder – “Holiday Depression”?Part 6 - Worries and Regrets In the northern hemisphere, the days get shorter and[...]
Holiday Eating: The Honest Guide
5 Tips How to Indulge Well during the Holidays!Let’s be real for a minute here.  The holiday’s are truly the[...]
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – Lack of Exercise (Part 5)
Seasonal Affective Disorder – “Holiday Depression”?Part 4 - Too Much Stress In the northern hemisphere, the days get shorter and[...]