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Emotions Vs. Feelings

Emotions Vs. Feelings

Emotions Vs. Feelings Although the two words are used interchangeably, there are distinct differences between emotions and feelings. So why does it matter? It matters because understanding the difference between the two can help you change unhealthy behaviors and find more happiness and peace in your life. Emotions and feelings are two sides of the […]


Back to School or University? – Here’s 10 Healthy Snacks!

Depression: Superfoods Brain Health Study back to school

Tips For the Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Studying   Eat a Well-Balanced Snack For an energy enhancing snack, eat two slices of lean deli turkey and a dozen grapes. This well-balanced snack is high in protein and antioxidants and should tide you over until your next meal. Eat More Edamame Replace finger foods like […]


Mental Health: 5 Key Actions to do Every Day

Mental Health Coach Doc Christine

5 Key Actions For Solid Mental Health   How much have you thought of your mental health today? Sure, you’ve thought about your physical health, because you are easily reminded of it by looking in the mirror, but chances are mental health doesn’t cross your mind very often. But it should be emphasized, at least […]


Root-Cause Medicine: 8 Benefits for You

care root-cause medicine coaching

8 Benefits of Root-Cause Medicine We treat the whole person. Body, mind, and spirit are addressed and balanced. Root-cause (Integrative) practitioners are trained in acknowledging the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of each patient.  We take into account relationships, social influences and environmental factors that impact our clients’ everyday lives and overall health.  We look […]


ADHD – A Parent’s Search for the Truth!

ADHD mother and doctor

Do You Have a Child  Labeled With ADHD… ?   So your child has ADHD/ADD, ODD, GAD, OCD, ESD, and or ASD as they often go hand-in-hand. Overwhelmed?? We sure were! There’s certainly no lack of labels or new terminology to learn these days since the rate of children being diagnosed with these disorders is astoundingly […]


The ADHD Child Bill of Rights

ADHD Kids bill of rights

Bill of Rights of the ADHD Child A while ago, I found this wonderful document, which was first printed in the newsletter of the Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children. Authored by Ruth Harris, the ADHD Child’s Bill of Rights can help every parent better understand their ADHD child and what he or […]


ADHD: What really is it?

ADHD child

What really is “ADHD”? Have you or one (or more) of your children been diagnosed (I prefer to call it “labeled”) with ADHD? If so, it probably was devastating for yourself as well as your child, can even cause burnout or depression in the parents. But it often is  also percieved as a relief because […]


All About Inflammation Part One: 4 Stages of Inflammation

all about Inflammation part 1 500x500

Lately, there have been more and more diseases associated with inflammatory changes. In my opinion, there are 4 distinct stages of abnormal inflammation that lead to a succession of chronic diseases and illnesses. Stage 1 | Slight chronic Inflammation Symptoms you may feel are Fatigue, Insomnia, Brain Fog, “Aches and Pains”, Weight Change Stage 2 | Moderate […]