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Cold or Flu – What to Do!

seasonal allergies sneezing

How to Prevent – or Beat – a Common Cold and Stay WellThe Flu season is here, and so many people are sniffling. While there are many options to prevent a cold and even treat it with natural means, often it is too late when you feel it coming on.Here is my Go-to for this situation!I get asked […]


Food Sensitivity Tests: Facts and Fiction

Food Allergies: What You Need To Know

Food Sensitivity Tests: Facts and Fiction Lately,  Food sensitivity tests have been in the news. They are portrayed as being harmful to clients and their family. Your own doctor may have said the same to you. You wonder. What’s that all about?Here is what’s fact and fiction from my experience and training as a German-trained […]


Is it “All in Your Head” – or Something Else??

lyme disease, fatigue, chronic fatigue

Is it “All in Your Head” – or Something Else like Lyme Disease?? For more than five years doctors treated my client Hannah (name changed for privacy) for depression. They repeatedly dismissed the then 14-year-old’s concerns, believing she was just desperate for attention, depressed and anxious. Hannah was plagued by rashes, migraines, aching joints, fatigue […]


Root-Cause Medicine: 8 Benefits for You

care root-cause medicine coaching

8 Benefits of Root-Cause Medicine We treat the whole person. Body, mind, and spirit are addressed and balanced. Root-cause (Integrative) practitioners are trained in acknowledging the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of each patient.  We take into account relationships, social influences and environmental factors that impact our clients’ everyday lives and overall health.  We look […]


Causes of Depression: These 10 Are Least Known – Part 2

10 (-13) Hidden Issues that may be causing you to feel “blue”   Last week, in part 1, we talked about the first 5 hidden causes of depression. Here are the other 5 – well, for good measure I included 8! I like to over-deliver… 6. Chronic Infections can cause depression As your immune system […]


Causes of Depression: These 10 Are Least Known – Part 1

causes of depression brain

10 Hidden Issues that may be causing you to feel “blue”   Depression has been  increasing by 33% lately. Many people say the cause of depression is just “a chemical imbalance in the brain”. Ok, but what is the root cause of depression,  of this imbalance? This should be our first concern. There are many […]


The ADHD Child Bill of Rights

ADHD Kids bill of rights

Bill of Rights of the ADHD Child A while ago, I found this wonderful document, which was first printed in the newsletter of the Delaware Association for the Education of Young Children. Authored by Ruth Harris, the ADHD Child’s Bill of Rights can help every parent better understand their ADHD child and what he or […]


What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome is a devastating disorder. Not only does it cause extreme tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest, it also can’t be explained easily by any underlying medical condition. Most of us have experienced fatigue at some point, so we know just how debilitating it can be. While often the […]


ADHD: What really is it?

ADHD child

What really is “ADHD”? Have you or one (or more) of your children been diagnosed (I prefer to call it “labeled”) with ADHD? If so, it probably was devastating for yourself as well as your child, can even cause burnout or depression in the parents. But it often is  also percieved as a relief because […]


Superfoods That Help With Depression

Depression: Superfoods Brain Health Study back to school

Superfoods That Help With Depression Most people don’t think that eating certain foods can help with depression. However, eating the right foods and getting enough sleep can help those who are suffering from depression. Eating the right foods can help you feel more emotionally resilient and lessen the effect stress has on your mood. But […]