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Vitamin D Deficiency And Hair Loss

Vitamin D deficiency and hair loss

Vitamin D Deficiency And Hair Loss Vitamin D-deficiency is very common, not only in northern climates. So is hair loss. If you feel you are losing more hair than usual, there are many causes. Want to know what it can be for you? Schedule your free consult with me by clicking below  to find out what’s the reason […]


All You Need To Know About The Skin Cycle

All You Need To Know About The Skin Cycle

All You Need To Know About The Skin Cycle Skin Health Restoration has been a topic of interest for many years. It’s the optimum process to restore skin activity, vitality, strength, and youthfulness, while also treating any skin conditions. Additionally, this process leads to the best long-term results for your skin. But it’s important to […]


Acne and Rosacea – Are you tired of your pimples?

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Learn about Acne and Rosacea in this new video! Learn how to beat acne and rosacea, pimples, zits, bumps – What are they, where do they come from and what to do about it! There are natural ways to address the issue.  


What are Skin (Contact) Allergies?

managing eczema with food

What are Skin Contact Allergies (Contact Dermatitis)? A skin allergy, or what is correctly called contact dermatitis, occurs when your skin comes in contact with something its immune system has learned to be allergic to. Usually the reaction occurs only after 24-48 hours after contact with the substance you are allergic to. What do you […]


Why and How do We Get Allergies?

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Why and How do We Get Allergies? Allergies have been rising in frequency in the last 30-50 years. Nowadays, nearly everyone seems to have some kind of Allergy – Food Allergy, Skin allergy, Environmental Allergy…… But did you ever think about how we get Allergies in the first place? And why are they more common […]


Skin Care in the Winter

Dry and Itchy Winter Skin skincare 264kb 300x300

Skin Care in the Winter By Dr. Christine Sauer Do you have dry skin, especially in the winter? As the seasons change, so does our skin. When it gets cold outside and we turn on the heater, our skin often feels drier or starts to itch. Why is that? The amount of moisture the air […]


The 4 Stages of Inflammation – Telltale Signs and Symptoms

Chronic inflammation has been identified as one of the major causes of chronic illness. Learn about the 4 Stages of Inflammation – and what to do if you have inflammation in you!


Should you take Probiotics?

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Should you take Probiotics? Over 2000 years ago, the ancient Greek Philosopher and Physician Hippocrates said:  ”All disease starts in the Gut” and “Let food be thy medicine.” Much of that holds still true today.  We all know that it is best to eat unprocessed foods—especially fruit and vegetables—to improve and maintain our health.


All About Inflammation Part One: 4 Stages of Inflammation

all about Inflammation part 1 500x500

Lately, there have been more and more diseases associated with inflammatory changes. In my opinion, there are 4 distinct stages of abnormal inflammation that lead to a succession of chronic diseases and illnesses. Stage 1 | Slight chronic Inflammation Symptoms you may feel are Fatigue, Insomnia, Brain Fog, “Aches and Pains”, Weight Change Stage 2 | Moderate […]


Head Lice in Seniors

head lice

Do you think that older people can’t get head lice anymore? Not true! Head lice are making a comeback, especially in the colder months. Obviously, they are more common among children who participate in kindergarten or school activities.  They are spread by direct contact or contact with objects (hats, scarfs, pillows, stuffed animals). Since infected […]