3 Ways to Plan Your Meals

Lesson 3 Chapter 2 Module 2

Generally, I recommend making a meal plan and a shopping list for the whole week, so you need not to go shopping every day and can prepare as much as possible on one day. 

Pick one day of the week where you can take time for 2-3 hours to prepare all that can be prepared for the week. Then pick a time before those 2-3 hours to do your grocery shopping for the week.

If you have family, I recommend involving all "Eaters" in the household in the plan.

Also allow for visitors and social events. During the course program, you may consider taking your own food to certain social events.

Below are the 3 different methods of meal planning you can use during this course:

  • The Pape‚Äčr Method
  • The Meal Garden App
  • The Combined Method

1. The Paper Method:

If you prefer to write out your meals for the week, make sure you know the recipes for each meal and have all required ingredients either in the pantry, fridge or freezer or on the shopping list!

Below is a template you can use or modify for your purposes.

2. The Meal Garden App

This is my favorite method to plan meals and this is where you will find your meal plans for the 8 weeks of this group as well as a sample week for the intermittent fasting option.

This app lets you plan your week, day as well as contains a wealth of recipes and automatically offers you a shopping list and even reminds you when it is time to shop or prepare!

I will talk about the details on how to access  and navigate your (included) mealgarden app subscription with the meal plans in Chapter 2.3

3. The Combined Method

If you want the convenience of an automated meal planner as well as like to have the meal plan, shopping list and recipes on paper, mealgarden lets you print out your plans for the whole week at once.

In chapter 2.3 we will walk you also through this process.

For your convenience, I have included all meal plans, recipes and a shopping list for week 1  in the course module 4 (Week 1) as downloadable .pdf's

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