Eating Basics

Lesson 12 Chapter 3 Module 4

We all think we know to eat - but do we?

Watch yourself while eating. Are you eating while doing something else? Watching TV? Texting? On Social Media? Driving? 

Optimally, you would eat only at a designated spot, which classically has been the dining room table.

Years ago no one ate alone if they had family; the whole family gathered around the table for a good home-cooked meal and talked about their events of the day.

If at all possible, try to do this as often as possible.

​​​​Eat Mindfully!

Mindful eating means enjoying every bite of your meal. Enjoying the look of youor food, enjoying the smell, feel (on your fingers, lips, in your mouth, while chewing, in your throat, in your stomach) and taste. 

Take your time. chew every bite slowly and enjoy it.

Food that loses its taste after the first few chews (like some processed foods) is usually junk food and better avoided.

Reeal food takes time to chew and is enjoyable even when you consciously chew it 20 times. Try it, it's true!

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