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Lesson 1 Module 1

Congratulations and Welcome to your Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation.

This Course has 12 Modules.

Each Modules may contain :

  • Teaching Videos
  • Text Explanations
  • Downloadable Worksheet, Instructional Sheets and/or Hypnotherapy recordings.

Your NEXT STEPS  (Homework):

1. Watch Module 2 "Get the Tech Stuff Out of the Way" to

  • - learn how to find your course emails
  • - learn how to access and navigate the meal planning software included in this course
  • - if you purchased this course as part of a bundle with the 8 group coaching sessions, please also watch the part about how to login to your secure online group coaching meetings!

2. Download Your FAQ sheet (Click on the button below) and keep it handy so you always know how to access our awesome customer support!

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