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Holiday Eating: The Honest Guide

5 Tips How to Indulge Well during the Holidays!

Let’s be real for a minute here.  The holiday’s are truly the most wonderful time of the year and so is the food!  

And there will be plenty of it! --- So for someone to tell you to avoid it and to drink wine spritzers (as I commonly see in newsletters and the like) instead of eggnog and to load up on veggies is just plain ridiculous!  Unless of course you don’t like eggnog 😉

Most people gain a few pounds and that’s okay as long as you don’t go overboard and lose all control. I’m here to tell you that you can still indulge over the holidays and not feel deprived.  Here’s how…..

1. Stick with your absolute favourites

 Just because there’s an assortment of goodies doesn’t mean that you have to eat every single option!  If your Christmas involves sugar cookies and rum balls go ahead and eat those and pass on the ones you only kind of like.  You’ll end up not enjoying your favs as much if you stuff yourself with second choices...

2. Small portions are the key

 If your thing is to try everything then make sure you do so in moderation.  Sometimes a little taste is enough to satisfy your craving and curiosity.

If you pile your plate high or go back for seconds or thirds you’ll feel bloated and stuffed and almost certainly suffer from indigestion of some sort.  On days when you have a party in the evening,  try eating a lighter lunch. The only exception is Christmas dinner!!

Once a year you’re totally allowed to eat a big plateful of turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing and gravy! And ok, dessert!

3. Eat meaningfully

If you take your time eating and think about what it is you’re actually putting in your mouth you’ll end up savouring it!  This will give you great satisfaction in your choices and you won’t be left feeling deprived. Can you remember the first time you ate your favourite treat? This will have you reminiscing of Christmases past and how your felt as a child.  

For me a Terry’s chocolate orange is something I’ve gotten in my stocking for as long as I can remember and when I open it on Christmas morning and take that first bite I’m immediately transported back to my parent’s living room opening new Barbie toys!  I cherish every slice of that orange and make it last for weeks.

What's your favorite Christima treat? Comment below and let us know!

4. Exercise!  

Please don’t forget this.  Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean that you have to throw everything out the window. Continuing with your normal exercise routine or incorporating new fun holiday activities like walking through your neighbourhood to look at the Christmas lights is a great way to burn off all those extra calories you’ve been eating!

5. Drink Water

Upping your water intake is also a really easy way to help your body flush out the sugar bugs and help them from accumulating around your middle section!! 

Life is short and so are the holidays.  Enjoy it to the fullest using my tips above.

​And if you find yourself  “Eat, drink and be merry”ing a little too much  - contact us.  We can help!

About the Author Jennifer Goguen, INHC, BA

Jennifer was born in Newfoundland, Canada’s easternmost province. After graduating from Memorial University with a BA in Psychology she moved to Halifax to learn about IT and eventually found herself working in the insurance industry for 10 years. During this time she met her husband and now is a proud wife and mother of two boys. Always interested in healthy nutrition, essential oils and holistic wellness, she furthered her education and skills and graduated as a certified integrative nutrition health coach. A little while back one of her children was labeled as being ADHD so it was only natural for her to learn and study everything available on this and related topics. This enables her to now help other parents with children labeled as ADHD, ADD, ASD, Autism etc. to not only access conventional care, but in cooperation with Dr. Christine to develop and offer true holistic care for affected families and Individuals. Having a caring attitude and excellent listetning skills, while bing able to challenge and kick b..., she is bringing massive value to her clients.