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Intuition:  The Spark that Ignites an Amazing Life

Guest Blog by Joanna Rogister, Hom, RHN, BA

Intuition already plays a large role in your life whether you realize it or not.

  It can be that brilliant thought, creative spark, or flash of genius that you had at some point in your life. 

 That moment when you said to yourself “that was genius! Where did that come from?”

That intuitive flash was your own inner genius being unveiled.  When you can start to recognize that inner genius, develop it and trust it, you can boost your confidence and self-esteem, become a better leader, improve your relationships, your health, effect positive change in every area of your life.

We are all very intuitive beings, we have just learnt to ignore it, suppress it, we call it something different or we just don’t know what to do with it. 

How has intuition presented itself to you? Did you ignore it? Did you know what to do with the information?

Intuition can present itself in a variety of ways depending on the person and how in touch with the physical messages their body is giving them are recognized; how aware of their thoughts they are; and whether or not they are able to clearly discern their emotions.

Here are a variety of ways that intuition may have presented itself to you:

Physical symptoms:

  • Is it indigestion or intuition?  Have you ever felt a funny flip in your stomach, or butterflies but weren’t sure what it meant?
  • Your hair standing up on your neck or other parts of your body?


  • Fear for no obvious reason?
  • Anger without understanding why or feeling like your response is much stronger than the situation warrants?


  • Hearing your name called out when no one else is around?
  • Knowing what you should be doing next without thinking about it?
  • Thinking about someone that you have not seen in a while and they connect with you in the coming days?

Once you come to recognize how intuition presents itself to you, then you can start developing it.  Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets.  Start playing with your intuition. 

Try these exercises:

Exercise 1:  tomorrow when you leave your house, stop at the end of your driveway and ask for directions, if you usually go left and “hear” left then take a left.  But, if you “hear” right then take that direction, as you might be avoiding a traffic accident, or be shown something wonderful that you have been thinking about.

Exercise 2: on your drive to work, start playing with questions about what your boss or an employee is going to wear to work? What mood your staff or family members are going to be in today? 

Exercise 3: start journaling your responses so that you can start to see a trend in how accurate you were with the games. 

Make it fun!

As your intuitive muscle gets stronger, you can trust it more. Remember, that when you trust in your intuition, you are trusting your own inner genius or inner wisdom. 

Set your intent each day to recognize and trust your intuition.  Be grateful when you are intuitively guided and be ready for your world to start flowing.  When you trust and follow your intuition you are in alignment with what your soul wants, and you will move towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Working with a Wellness Coach can speed up the journey and help you to transition, at a faster rate, towards achieving your health and wellness goals.  There is so much information – myths and fallacies – about nutrition, health (mental, physical and emotional), etc., that it can be a challenge to decide what will work best for you.  Having someone with the education, knowledge, experience and intuition to help you make the decisions that are best for you will get you started and achieving your goals with clarity and an understanding that you are supported so that you can trust the process.  Ask for help!

Come to trust your intuition.

It is a part of you. 

It will take you places you never thought possible. 

It will ignite an amazing life!

“Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; and then act upon what you know to be true. These intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth.”  -  Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Author

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About the Author Joanna Rogister

Joanna Rogister is an International Speaker, Author, Classical Homeopath and a Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate about helping her audiences and patients find and maintain a healthy balance in their lives. Within her practice, she helps each person move past surface issues and get to the root cause of illnesses or imbalances, so these can be resolved. Her stance as an outspoken advocate for alternative therapies and developing intuitive abilities has earned her the title of Wellness Renegade, and her book, The Magnificence of Magenta, offers unique insights into how we can all work at healing ourselves in order to secure a more joyful, peaceful and healthy lifestyle. In addition, Joanna’s corporate background provides her with insight into the interconnectivity between professional success and personal happiness. Contact:

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